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contract review
service provider
Located in the heart of Europe,
our multilingual legal review team will help you to turn your
international contracts and other documents
into structured data
About Us

Contract Review & Big data analysis firm

Founded in 2016, Steinfeld Legal (STL) works with a large number of well-known customers in the field of document and contract analysis. With our international team we are supporting property management companies, leading Law-firms, Banks and innovative Tech-Companies to analyze the Key-Data of their contracts and other documents.
  • Lease abstraction
  • Contract review
  • Document classification
  • Documenten sorting
  • Litigation support
  • AI training
  • Data entry
  • Legal process outsourcing
Our Services

Review Services

  • Multilingual review in 34 languages
  • Experience with 2,5 million+ documents
  • Small and large volume review

  • Helping your AI to get smart
  • Data quality control
  • Content labeling

  • Focus on European real estate Portfolios
  • Assistance with digitalization and document sorting
  • Multilingual legal teams



  • Legal Process Outsourcing
  • Process integration
  • Project/Quality management

  • Highly qualified lawyers and paralegals
  • Collecting and managing documents
  • Customer acquisition

  • Document classification
  • Document collection
  • Document selection

How We Work

Work Process

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  • 1

    First Contact

    Get to know each other, the potential project and our standard pricing

  • 2


    We do for you a free Pilot-Project so you know how we work and we know your Documents and the used Software

  • 3

    Process Setup

    We are setting up a team and a process so each customer has his own team and a clear quality assurance process

  • 6

    Quality check and result delivery

    We deliver you the highest review quality based on our quality processes so only checked results will be delivered to you or your customer

Are your interested in our Serivce?

Please contact us any time. We are happy to get to know your company!