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Litigation support services

Litigation support services

Helping your business achieve growth is crucial

Litigation support is at the core of today’s trial reality. It has been exponentially growing, seeking resolutions to the ever expanding market needs. The growing digitalization and cross-border communication are something we are not afraid of, but rather see as an opportunity we gladly cater to.

Second requests antitrust litigation

We, at Steinfeld Legal are proud to offer a customised, made-to-measure service that is required. We understand how overwhelming it might be to fit all the pre-existing data and large amount of information into one model that can be easily manageable and accessible. It is, however, easier, with the right tools and the professionals we employ.

We understand the complexity of the pre-trial preparations and difficulties that appear at first when faced with huge volumes of data. And we are here to have it all prepared and ready for the final step: the trial itself.

Litigation support services
Litigation support legal team ad hoc review outsourcing for litigation

Why outsource litigation services to Poland?

It is fully understandable that the piling information and data may seem like too much for the well-prepared and large law firms and teams. It is our aim, however to resolve all the issues that might arise in the meantime and get to the bottom of it. We have already proven countless times that we can work under a tight deadline and enormous pressure. We have the best lawyers and paralegals to assist you every step of the way.

  • We are fully aware how to manage the most complex issues and see the patterns where all the data can be compared with each other and/or eliminated
  • It is important to note that many times it is crucial to be able to look at things from a different, wider, perspective to find the best solutions possible. We understand that the one-model-fits-all is the opposite of what is required in situations like that. It is our duty to find the right means to the ever-growing needs. We understand the power of efficiency and the lean model
  • We focus on analysing the documents and abstracting the data in order to speed up and manage the processes down the way
  • We remain flexible and innovative at all times: we gather all the information that you can provide us with, perform the due dilligence and research in order to provide the excellent results in a cost-and-time-efficient manner
  • We work with talented individuals, coming from a multi language environment with an IT background so that our knowledge and experience be presented in a clear and compartmentalised way
  • We are fully aware that the best way forward is to put ourselves in the perspective of the other side when the trial already start. We know how crucial it is to foresee what is coming and avoid the unnecessary stress and overcome the hurdles that might otherwise have prove to seem unavoidable.
  • We remain at our client’s disposal 24/7 
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